Daniel Ricciardo tops Red Bull ‘wish-list’ as Honey Badger gets KRA ahead of replacing Sergio Perez

Red Bull has arrived on the decision of replacing Sergio Perez with AlphaTauri’s Daniel Ricciardo topping a ‘wish-list’ that the team has prepared to find a suitable partner for Max Verstappen.

Perez has been under intense scrutiny for a while now and although he has a contract that runs till the end of the upcoming season, Red Bull has already been vocal about the fact that he needs to up his game to ensure he has a future at the team.

Daniel Ricciardo. Credit: therace.com
Daniel Ricciardo. Credit: therace.com

In a campaign that was highlighted by Max Verstappen and Red Bull’s superiority, Checo won just two races compared to his teammate’s 19 out of a possible 22.

With a race ban also looming on Perez ahead of this season, few would argue in favour of Perez keeping his seat at the Milton Keynes-based outfit.

According to F1 journalist Lawrence Barretto, Perez is already on thin ice and Red Bull is the ‘absolute favourite‘ to take his seat.

In an article on F1’s official website, Barretto explained what Ricciardo will need to do to make sure there is little doubt left over who replaces Perez.

“As it stands, it is believed Ricciardo tops senior management’s list of suitable replacements,” he wrote.

“The Australian will need to get back to his very best this year, and with many insiders feeling his AlphaTauri team will make a big step forward this year in terms of competitiveness, there’s a strong chance he’ll deliver.

“That’ll give Red Bull a good kind of headache, as a 2018-spec Ricciardo might be too strong an option to turn down.”

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