Danner angered by Verstappen’s ‘bag of tricks’ – “Max doesn’t give a damn about fair competition!”

Former racing driver Christian Danner was angered by Max Verstappen’s driving, saying that it was a complete disgrace from him.

Verstappen caused controversy at the Saudi Arabian GP when he slowed down his car and let Lewis Hamilton run into his car’s back. It caused damage to the latter’s front wing, but he ended up winning the race and levelling the championship.

The FIA handed the Dutchman a ten-second time penalty for causing the aforementioned incident and for running his rival off the track.

Danner was angered by Verstappen’s driving, and called him out for not being sensible.

“The stewards nowadays are no longer so stupid that they are just some people who walk around in a jacket and drink champagne,” he told Motorsport-Magazin.com.

“It didn’t escape their notice that neither driver wanted the DRS measuring point against them.

One of many questionable thing Verstappen (in front) did. Source: planetf1.com

“In other words, make it so that you are the one who is at the next DRS measuring point behind Hamilton. Because then you have DRS on the next straight and you can overtake him again.

“They managed to get along with each other to the extent that they finished the race, but there is already a clear tendency: The trick box juggler is not Hamilton.”

No more Mr. Nice Guy

Danner also addressed the final race of the season, and said that unfortunately, Verstappen is the sort of person who will use every dirty trick in the book to try and win his first world championship.

“Verstappen is the one who already reaches very deep into the bag of tricks, as has been shown to again and again, even reaching into the area where it doesn’t look quite so nice anymore,” he continued.

“Everyone is now saying it has to be a fair competition. But Verstappen doesn’t give a damn about that – and if he has to, he’ll reach into his bag of tricks, the lowest drawer.”

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