Davidson criticises Alonso’s behaviour at McLaren – “Had to be a little patient”

Anthony Davidson criticised Fernando Alonso’s behaviour at McLaren, saying that his impatience was his undoing there.

Alonso’s second stint at McLaren was a massive failure. The team had partnered with Honda in a failed collaboration, and that affected the driver’s time there. The Spaniard and his car were very uncompetitive, something he did not like.

His mood at the time made headlines for the wrong reasons, with the most infamous one being his labelling of Honda’s power unit as a “GP2 engine”. Frustration and unhappiness resulted in him leaving McLaren, a move which did not exactly age well.

Davidson criticised Alonso’s behaviour at McLaren, saying that his impatience was his undoing at the team.

“I wonder how he has looked at Honda’s performance over the past year,” the Sky Sports presented said in an interview with the Dutch edition of Motorsport.com, as quoted by f1i.com.  

“I wonder if Fernando is now like, ‘If only I had been a little more patient and given it a little more time’.

“From my past experience with Honda I know sometimes it can take a while to see progress, but in the end they always get it done. You just have to let them find their way and do it their own way.”

Alonso and McLaren, the match not made in heaven. Source: McLaren

Hindsight, but….

“Of course nobody can see into the future, but I’m curious how he looked at Honda now they have had such a strong power unit,” he continued.  

“Would he think things like, ‘If only McLaren had kept working with Honda and I had just kept driving there?’

“If they still had that power unit in the car and Fernando would still have driven there, we would probably have had a very different scenario now.”

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