De Vries set to join F1 in 2022 – “Has signed a contract in the morning”

Nyck de Vries is set to join F1 next season, according to multiple reports.

The Dutchman will be the second driver from the Netherlands to drive in F1 after Max Verstappen in 2022. The rumours were always floating around, and now it seems to have taken shape. According to reliable sources, de Vries has signed an F1 contract, and everything has been finalised. reported, “Nyck will drive in F1 next year and will make his debut. The deal has been finalised and was signed the morning after the Dutch Grand Prix.”

De Vries's move to F1 seems certain: 'He signed the contract this morning'
Nyck de Vries (pictured) is set to join F1. Source:

The report said de Vries has signed a contract to make his F1 debut, but there is no mention of which team he has signed it with. Looking at the grid at the moment, it’s not Mercedes, Red Bull, Ferrari, McLaren, AlphaTauri, Alpine or Haas. That leaves Aston Martin, Williams and Alfa Romeo.

Choosing the dropzone

Aston Martin is a very unlikely destination for the Formula E champion, given they are happy with Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll. Williams, meanwhile, already have one driver confirmed in Nicholas Latifi. However, Alex Albon is the favourite to land the seat after the departure of George Russell.

This leaves Alfa Romeo, and that’s where things get interesting. With only Valtteri Bottas confirmed for the Italian outfit, this could be the team de Vries has signed for. With this move, he can start out in the sport, and work his way up the grid tier list.

The move would also provide him with some security with regard to his future. Given that he was a driver for Mercedes in Formula E right before the team pulled out of the sport, it would be a welcome move for him.

De Vries in F1 is something that was a far-fetched rumour. If he really has signed a contract with F1, it is a sign of exciting times to come.

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