It has been a season filled with plenty of challenges for a number of F1 teams, and with a change of regulations in 2022, things are the playing field is set to get even more competitive.

For Haas F1, it has been a rather challenging campaign, with their car distinctly weaker than a number of its competitors on the track.

In light of this, Nikita Mazepin’s father, Dmitry Mazepin, has come out with a new incentive that is sure to keep the morale of his son’s team high. It won’t be straightforward, though.

Motorsport Italia was in conversation with him regarding his latest plan.

“The existing contract is still in effect, but for next year we are proposing an additional voluntary agreement to incentivize staff members to stay on the team, be more engaged and understand the challenges. Represented by a calendar with 23 races,” Dmitry said.

The season has been so trying that you can’t excuse Haas F1 staff members from considering their options come the end of the season. However, sponsor Uralkali’s involvement may tempt them to stay.

“The human factor is very important and that is why we want to increase the motivation of the staff. We, as sponsors, want to be part of the team,” Mazepin continued.

Dmitry Mazepin has bigger ambitions

Mazepin said he was optimistic 2022 would bring better results. “We are grateful to the team for their hard work, and by continuing to do so, with these joint efforts, we can achieve better results next year and seize great opportunities.”

Nikita Mazepin with his dad Dmitry. Credits:

While he did stress that Uralkali’s involvement as sponsor is important for the team, he didn’t argue against the fact that he will soon look to own a team of his own.

“We have great ambitions in motorsport and in the past we have made an attempt to buy a Formula 1 team,” he said.

“This is still a possibility for us and it is not linked to Nikita but is determined by our long-term plans. We want to expand our presence in F1.”

It appears like Mazepin is keen to become a feeder team to the bigger fish. He spoke on how the team needs to enhance its brand appeal. “If suddenly a small team proves to be competitive in 2022, then its value and attractiveness will be greater.”

Do you think Haas will have a better outing in the 2022 season? Let us know in the comments section below!

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