Domenicali thinking of picking young drivers for practice compulsory

F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali is thinking of making young drivers for practice compulsory for all teams.

F1’s rules keep on changing every once in a while. That’s one of the charms of the sport, because its rules are dynamic in nature and are not static and immune from change. As such, the higher-ups of the sport are always tirelessly working to listen to the fans and observe how teams are racing, and are making rules accordingly. F1 is hence busy trying to make the sport exciting.

Domenicali is thinking of an idea that would, in his words, make the event more exciting. Practice sessions in F1 see the team’s two drivers get a feel of the track, and adjust to its many characteristics. The current rules dictate that every team has the option of allowing a third driver to race on Friday during practice. This would allow them to provide insight to the driver who races on Sunday, while allowing them some track time and experience.

Formula 1 is thinking of change: 'Making the event even more exciting'
F1 as a sport is set for another change if Domenicali can get his idea approved. Source:

Domenicali believes that this rule can be modified to cater to youngsters and up-and-coming drivers in the sport. The CEO has proposed a change, and is thinking of making young drivers for practice compulsory for all teams.

“I believe that one of the topics to be discussed and explored will be the management of young drivers’ growth,” Domenicali told

“The topic of young drivers is very important and interests us, and that is why, at a time when tests are so regulated, there are some ideas that we will discuss in the next meetings with the teams.

“In particular, we want to make the presence of young drivers mandatory in free practice. This will give the teams less time to try things in view of the race, making the event even more exciting,” he concluded.

Will youngsters prove to be a welcome change?

The CEO’s idea is good, because there seem to be no major flaws in his plan. Besides, the main driver is already more aware of the track in question than the young driver who will take his place.

As such, the youngster can get some much-needed track time to gain experience and accelerate their development. The senior driver’s experience and insight will also help the youngster.

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