Domenicali responds to Vettel’s scathing comments – “I take constructive criticism to heart”

F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali responded to Aston Martin driver Sebastian Vettel’s scathing comments, saying he welcomed the criticism.

Vettel recently launched some heavy criticism regarding F1’s handling of environmental and sustainability issues. He stated that with the way the sport was going about its business, it was causing serious harm to the environment and that it could be defunct in the near future.

The four-time world champion is a prominent activist regarding environmental issues and sustainable methods of living. He is an ambassador for the green causes, and his latest plea was towards the sport he built his career on.

Domenicali responded to Vettel’s scathing comments, saying he and the sport will take it in stride.

“I don’t want to take that as criticism,” the Italian told Sport1, as quoted by

“Rather, I see that as a positive push from someone who is seriously concerned about the future. I’ve spoken to him about this countless times.

Vettel (pictured) wants change in F1 regarding their eco footprint. Source:

“To me, it’s constructive criticism. If someone criticises Formula 1 for the sake of criticism, I don’t care. But I take constructive criticism to heart.”

World tour

Domenicali also shed light on the possibility of F1’s return to Germany to host the German GP, saying it was difficult, but not impossible.

“It should be an open discussion to explore how Formula 1 can return to Germany,” he said.

“The other region that we shouldn’t underestimate is the Far East. Interest from China is growing, which is why the region will also become our focus.

“A comeback in Africa, whether in the north or south, is also on the table but how quickly that works will also depend on the situation around COVID.”

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