Domenicali sends warning to Mercedes and Red Bull – “The gap will be closed more quickly”

Stefano Domenicali sent a warning to Mercedes and Red Bull, saying that their superiority will not be a lasting one in 2022.

The upcoming 2022 season will see new regulations implemented into the sport. Accordingly, the cars will also be radically different from the 2021 season. This means that the grid is open for any team to come in and establish themselves as the benchmark.

Despite this feature on paper, most fans predict the usual suspects to stay at the top. Those two teams are Mercedes and Red Bull, the same pair which was head and shoulders above the rest in 2022.

However, Domenicali sent a warning to Mercedes and Red Bull, saying that any advantage they may eke out would not be a lasting one.

“It is clear that in the context of a season that starts with a new regulation and the budget cap, differences between the cars could emerge greater than what people might expect,” he told

“But I am equally sure that the limitations linked to the new regulations will mean that if there are these differences, the gap will be closed more quickly.”

Stefano Domenicali walking with a mask on. Qatar November 2021
Domenicali (pictured) is confident about an even playing field. Source:

More on the drivers

The F1 CEO also stated that the new rules and their effects will shift the sport to more of a driver-oriented one, with the cars playing second-fiddle to the proceedings.

“We are facing a season in 2022 where there are so many new elements that can be characterised in a positive or negative sense,” he said.

“The ground effect cars have been designed to highlight the skills of the drivers. They are machines that should be driven, without the wake effect that deteriorates the tyres.

“The goal is to have duels between many drivers, without having the limits related to the car.”

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