F1 drivers defend Drive to Survive after Verstappen’s comments

Multiple F1 drivers have defended Netflix’s Drive to Survive after Max Verstappen’s harsh comments on the series.

Recently, Verstappen told the media that he would not be appearing on the series, and accused them of falsely creating narratives to boost their ratings. He explained that he wouldn’t be giving the crew any interviews.

With the series taking a hit to its credibility, multiple drivers defended Drive to Survive, and shed light on various good things it has done for F1.

At the US GP weekend preview, seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton told the media, “In this last couple of years, it’s been the steepest rise and more and more people are talking about it, more and more people engaging.”

Even Verstappen’s teammate Sergio Perez revealed his admiration for the series, saying, “What it has done for Formula 1 is tremendous. It´s really something I appreciate.

netflix f1 drive to survive
The intro of Drive to Survive. Source: grandprix247.com

“The way they sell the sport is a bit of a drama. It is a show, but at the end of the day, it is good for the sport and is good for the fans, so I am happy with it.”

Outpouring of support

More drivers were in favour of the series when asked. McLaren drivers Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo also stated that they were fine with DTS filming them for their purposes.

“I’m fine with it, I think it’s a cool thing,” Norris said.

“Coming to America there are so many people who are now into Formula 1 just because of watching ‘Drive to Survive.’ I think I come across on it alright. I think they do a good job. I can’t really speak on behalf of Max.”

Ricciardo agreed with Norris, saying, “Most of us experience the effect it’s had on the sport. There’s certainly been a lot of growth and I honestly see that most in America.

“There are times where you want a little bit of space or privacy, but I do think if you let them know no cameras in this room, they are pretty good with that,” he concluded.

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