F1 drivers praise “enjoyable” and “fantastic” Losail Circuit

Multiple drivers have praised the “enjoyable” and “fantastic” Losail Circuit that will host the debut Qatar GP.

The 5.3 km track was made ready for the first edition of the race. There was much debate on whether the track would be ideal for hard racing and speed thrills. It seems it really is a good track, as many drivers have given their seal of approval.

Alpine driver Fernando Alonso went first, saying, “Fantastic, just fantastic,” as quoted by f1i.com.

“It’s really enjoyable to drive around here. The flow of the corners, the nature of the circuit, the high-speed sections, really, really maximise what a Formula 1 should do.

“So it was a very nice Friday, a very nice circuit to discover, and tomorrow in qualifying it will be even better, when we’ll put the light (fuel) cars and the new tyres on.”

Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz agreed with Alonso’s opinion, and said that the track was exceptionally quick and intense.

“It felt really intense with these cars, on this track. Just super quick,” he said.

“The speeds we’re going are difficult to explain to you. It’s crazy! Those high-speed corners are really allowing us to feel what the beasts we are driving this year really are. And it’s also been a bit of a thrill, to be honest.

The Losail Circuit was praised by multiple drivers. Source: XPB

“You’re also challenging yourself, mentally, to think that the thing is going to grip and carry that much g-force and that much speed into a corner, for so many corners. So it has been a good challenge.”

Credit to the workers

Aston Martin driver Sebastian Vettel was expecting a mediocre track, but expressed his excitement at being proven wrong.

“I was surprised,” the four-time world champion said.  

“I was expecting it to be a lot sandier but it was actually in good shape. So I think the people working at the track must have done a really, really good job, so it was basically fine from the first run.

“The track is flat but it’s very fast. There’s a lot of fast corners and it takes a little while to get your head in, but once you find the rhythm, it’s actually pretty enjoyable. It will be important to qualify well, because overtaking may be difficult,” he concluded.

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