Dutch pundit launches heavy criticism of Perez – “That’s why Perez does not deserve that seat”

Dutch F1 pundit Tom Coronel launched a heavy criticism of Red Bull’s Sergio Perez, saying he had a terrible season. 

Perez joined Red Bull after spending seven years with Racing Point (previously Force India). With the Milton-Keynes outfit, he reached the front of the grid on a consistent basis thanks to the superior machinery of his team.

His first season with his new team was solid, if a little unspectacular. Although he was getting good results, his qualifying pace was a glaring weakness, as was his inability to match his teammate’s results.

However, the Dutch pundit launched a heavy criticism of Perez, saying he was almost useless in many situations. 

When fellow pundit Ruud Dimmers said, “Perez does not deserve that seat at Red Bull next to Verstappen at all,” the 49-year-old replied, “Agree, completely agree.

“I think Pierre Gasly deserved it. Firstly because he comes from the Red Bull pool and secondly because he has shown that he has matured, he is now stronger in the head. The self-confidence is back. I would just put him next to Max (Verstappen).”

Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez at the 2021 Turkish Grand Prix.v1
Perez (right) with teammate Verstappen (left). Source: formula1news.co.uk


“I expected a lot more from Perez last year, but really a lot more,” Coronel explained.

“When did he really help? Once at the end of the season and once somewhere in the middle of the season. Other than that, he was never around at all.

“We expected more from Perez, especially because he has about ten seasons of experience. But is Perez so bad or is Max Verstappen just extraterrestrially good?

“Gasly couldn’t compete with Max either, who tried a completely different setup with his Red Bull, then it went from bad to worse. Perez did the same thing. Gasly couldn’t manage it, Perez couldn’t manage it. They were both wrong about the setup,” he concluded. 

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