Ecclestone gives bizarre advice to Vettel following retirement claim – “That’s what he needs to do for us to judge him”

Former F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone gave some bizarre advice to current Aston Martin driver Sebastian Vettel, saying he needed to return to his former team.

Vettel joined Aston Martin at the beginning of 2021, and spent most of his team duking it out in the midfield. Before that, he raced for Ferrari, but failed to add to his four world championships despite much promise.

Said four world championships came from his time at Red Bull. From “Du Bist, Weltmeister” in 2010 to achieving the same feat in the next three years, the four-time world champion peaked during his time at the Milton-Keynes outfit.

Fast forward to 2021, and the German has very much got it, but he doesn’t have the tool to return to the top.

As a result, Ecclestone gave some bizarre advice to Vettel, and urged him to make a return to the team he achieved the most success with.

When asked by if Vettel should consider retirement, Ecclestone said, “When he feels like it.

Sebastian Vettel and Bernie Ecclestone. Brazil November 2019.
Ecclestone (right) with Vettel (left). Source:

“He shouldn’t be told he’s got to retire. We don’t know how quick he is anymore because he’s not in a competitive car – so it’s not easy to say he’s not as quick as he used to be.

“He needs to be back in Red Bull, actually. He needs to do that for us to judge him better.”

Still got it

Vettel, who is a 53-time race winner, recently spoke about the idea of retirement. He assured that he has considered it, but he would do it only when he felt he had nothing more to offer.

“Of course, sometimes you ask yourself that question,” he said.  

“I’d be lying if I said the thought hadn’t crossed my mind yet.

“If I don’t feel the inner drive and ambition anymore and just stick with it to deliver messages or increase the bank balance, that would be a betrayal of the generation that is yet to come and live that dream… but the fire is still burning.”

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