Bernie Ecclestone has slammed F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali for the absolute “disaster” of a Belgian GP.

The much-anticipated Belgian GP was shambolic at best. Confusion and rain reigned supreme at Spa. Lewis Hamilton called it a “farce”, and Ecclestone backed him. The former F1 boss slammed the F1 CEO for the “disaster” of a Belgian GP.

“It was a disaster. You have no influence on the weather, how you deal with it, but you do,” Ecclestone said, as reported by F1-insider

“You could tell that nobody wanted to take responsibility and make decisions. So they flew like in weightless space. And in the end, they did everything wrong together.”

Ecclestone’s comments about the current owners and the FIA being responsible for the chaos did not sit well with Domenicali. He issued a reply to Ecclestone, saying “It is wrong to assume that there is any commercial connection.”

Ecclestone was quick to respond to the comment, saying, “How can you just drive the two laps behind the safety car, then finish the race and then act like Stefano and say: ‘We had no commercial reasons for this!”

Different example

He mentioned that if he had found himself in charge of the situation, he would have done things differently. He recalled what happened in Fuji in 1976, when Niki Lauda decided to pit when the rest of the drivers drove on.

“In 1976, in Fuji, we had the first global television broadcast ever. It was pouring down, it was really uncomfortable,” Ecclestone said.  

“Still, I wanted to start. I said to everyone: ‘I’m not forcing you to drive! If you don’t want to, let it stay. But I’ll let the race start. 

“Niki Lauda pitted after the first lap and gave up. I found that consistent. The others drove on,” the former F1 boss concluded.


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