Elon Musk takes leaf out of F1 playbook in large-scale Tesla overhaul

Tesla CEO Elon Musk may well have just secured a bumper deal for social media platform Twitter, but the shrewd businessman’s financial dealings are set to impact the world of Formula 1 next.

Such has been Musk’s steady progression as one of the biggest business tycoons out there that it will probably not take too many people by surprise that the man harbours dreams of disrupting the Formula 1 ecosphere.

With a staggering net worth of over $200 billion, Musk will undoubtedly be the strongest person in F1 if he so chooses to delve in the sport.

For now, though, Musk is keen to implement an F1 element in his own line of Tesla cars.

He shared news through Twitter (where else?) that he would be looking to apply “f1 pit crew techniques” with respect to the Tesla service he offers his customers.

“Excited to work with Tesla Service to enable same-hour service as often as possible! Applying Formula 1 pit crew techniques to Teslas,” he wrote.

While F1 has often been derided for not being environmentally friendly, there are plenty of things that manufacturers have taken from F1 in terms of enhancing car efficiency.

This time, though, Musk seems to be so impressed with the quick manner in which F1 pit-stops work that he wanted to use it as a means to explain the efficiency with which he wants his own Tesla crew to work when a customer experiences a breakdown.

Is Elon Musk interested in being a part of F1?

Elon Musk. Credit: bbc.co.uk
Elon Musk. Credit: bbc.co.uk

With respect to prospective teams keen on entering F1, Musk’s takeover of Twitter has not gone down too well.

The Volkswagen Group was perhaps most proactive with respect to its dealings on Twitter.

The German consortium, who own both Porsche and Audi, were the first to direct all their subsidiaries not to pay Twitter for advertisements.

While Audi is set to enter the sport in 2026, Porsche is still figuring out a route after its talks with Red Bull broke down a couple of months back.

You wouldn’t put it past Musk to himself look to put his hat in the ring for a potential entry into the sport.

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