Drive to Survive is set to come out with a third season.
Drive to Survive is set to release on March 19, 2021.

Circuit of the Americas boss Bobby Epstein has hailed Netflix for its impact on F1, saying the US GP’s success can be attributed to them.

Netflix’s Drive to Survive has been praised by viewers, and especially in America. Interest for the sport stemming from the States skyrocketed after the series launched, and it was very evident at this year’s US GP.

Around 400,000 people attended the race, putting to bed any notion that F1 hadn’t conquered the American market. There was also some excellent racing at COTA, and it was a success all around.

Epstein has hailed Netflix for its impact on F1, saying that they have played a key part in the success the sport enjoyed in America.

“Would we have had that (the attendance) without the Netflix effect? I don’t know,” he said, as quoted by GP Fans.

“But the event has legs. Netflix has just put rocket fuel on a fire that was already burning, and on top of it, you have a real battle happening on the track.

F1 2021: Disbelief over 'insane' scenes at US Grand Prix
The insane crowd at the 2021 US GP. Source:

“So it’s an incredible situation, and I think everyone that came to this event – at least I hope – feels really good about what they were a part of and every person who attended contributed to making it such a special day for everyone.

“We’re close (to signing a new contract with F1), we’re really close. It doesn’t end here, for sure,” he concluded.

Phenomenal success

Epstein also talked about how fans make or break an F1 event, and expressed his happiness with the massive turnout.

“The fans showed up, they brought the energy and the life to it, and it makes a difference,” he added.

“You have all the things planned and you envisage what might happen, but until the fans come and bring the energy, it’s incomplete.

“I’m not sure it was the biggest F1 event ever but I am sure it was one of the greatest F1 events ever. We are focused on making it a great experience more than we are on a big one.

“But what happened was phenomenal. It really exceeded our expectations. To every person that works here, it’s overwhelming that it feels so good,” he concluded.

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