Ex-F1 driver thinks Russell ‘will be prying’ on Hamilton’s ‘mental weakness’ at Mercedes

Ex-F1 driver Perry McCarthy thinks new Mercedes signing George Russell “will be on the attack” against his teammate Lewis Hamilton.

Russell will race for Mercedes at the start of the 2022 season. He will be paired with the most illustrious driver on the grid in Hamilton, and will have to test himself against the seven-time champion.

With split on whether the youngster will learn the ropes first or charge for the title straightaway, it will be an interesting watch. However, what is for certain is that barring a miracle, he will have a much quicker car than the ones he had before.

It is for that reason that the ex-F1 driver thinks Russell “will be on the attack” against Hamilton from minute one.

“I think he’s going to be tapping Lewis on the shoulder, I really do,” he told Formula1News.co.uk

“And the other thing is, is that, you know, if Lewis has developed any chinks in his armour, because he does feel a little bit low, then George will be prying those open, you know, he’s going to be on the attack.”

Lewis Hamilton and George Russell at pre-season testing.v1
Russell (pictured) will be racing for Mercedes in 2022. Source: formula1news.co.uk

Every man for himself

“Your absolute best scenario, as a racing driver, is to join a team, where you’ve got an absolutely brilliant, established star,” he explained.

“And then your job is to beat him, because suddenly, if you’ve just jumped in, and you’re beating the guy that holds pretty much every record going, then you’re looked at as being brilliant.

“So you know, racing drivers are selfish. You’re in this, there is an enjoyment and there is that urge to compete, but you’re looking at brand, you’re looking at reputation, you’re looking at delivering, you’re looking at winning, and your worst enemy is actually your teammate all the way through.

“Because they’re perceived to have the same tyres, the same car, the same engine, the same opportunities. And if your team-mate is dusting you every week, you’re not looking that great.

If you come in and dust your teammate, especially if he’s a brilliant star, then your reputation is great. So that clearly is exactly what George is after,” he concluded.

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