F1 fans pick Italian GP as favourite race of 2021

F1 fans picked the Italian GP as their favourite race of 2021, with the Monza party topping the survey conducted by the sport.

The 2021 season had some absolute bangers at high speed. From the barnstorming Brazilian GP to the absolute madness of a Russian GP, even the usually lacklustre races on the calendar served some surprises.

With so many emotional and dramatic moments, picking the best of the season is a tough task. F1 took it upon themselves to answer the question, and conducted a survey to determine the race of races in 2021.

F1 fans picked the Italian GP as their favourite race of 2021, with Daniel Ricciardo’s eighth F1 career win topping the standings.

“He left Red Bull, he went to Renault, he’s gone to McLaren, he’s gonna get the victory now. IT’S MCLAREN AND RICCIARDO THAT WIN THE ITALIAN GRAND PRIX!” led the poll, with the Abu Dhabi GP and Brazilian GP taking second and third place.

The 2021 Italian GP was a superb race. Source: XPB


52,000 fans voted for their favourite race, and 19% of them chose the Italian GP as their pick of the bunch. The season finale at Abu Dhabi narrowly missed out, with it taking 16% of the votes.

Lewis Hamilton’s last-to-first victory at Sao Paulo earned 10% of the votes. It was followed by the chaotic Azerbaijan GP in fourth place. Rounding off the top five was Esteban Ocon’s stellar victory at the Hungarian GP, taking 8% of the votes.

However, this season had a lot of great races, and it’s hard to pick any one. They were all special in their way, and no matter what race you were watching in 2021, you were sure to be subjected to a treat.

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