At 42, Fernando Alonso proves age is just a number as Tik Tok prank sends fans in splits

Aston Martin driver Fernando Alonso saw himself on the back-pages of newspapers regularly throughout the previous season for a variety of reasons. At the age of 42, the Spaniard seems to have rediscovered his mojo and is enjoying all the spotlight that is coming his way.

Alonso regularly showed his class on the track, finish the season with eight podiums, but it was also his off-track escapades that endeared him to fans.

Fernando Alonso. Credit:
Fernando Alonso. Credit:

Now, the two-time world champion seems to have got to grips with social media as well, as he entertained fans with his performance on Tik Tok.

Alonso released a video that was met with widespread attention as F1 fans got an insight into the crazy shenanigans that he keeps himself busy with during the winter break.

In the video, Alonso places his phone inside a microwave, suggesting he intended to warm it up. Just before setting the timer, Alonso smugly says, “Ready to go again.” 

Fans immediately took to the video and the comments started pouring in.

A fan named Megan enquired why Alonso decided to do this and his answer was simple, stating he was simply “cooking”.

Alonso displays a strict demeanour on the race track and it was heartening to see this side of him, not that it was completely unexpected. We all know he loves to party and he recently met up with Mercedes youngster George Russell and his girlfriend Carmen Mundt to celebrate New Year’s Eve in style.

Alonso regularly takes centre stage on Tik Tok, where he practices his dance routines, keeps up with the latest trends and seems to find a way to enthuse F1 fans.

Such has been his impact in the world of TikTok that his achievements were celebrated in the 2023 Spanish TikTok Awards as well, sweeping the award ahead of the likes of Carlos Alcaraz, Jordi Roca, and Laura Escanes.

Alonso is a bonafide TikTok star

Interestingly, the votes pouring in for Alonso had a sharp uptick when it was rumoured that there was some romance between him and music icon Taylor Swift.

The Aston Martin played in to this, sharing a cryptic video to further pique the interest of fans. You could see him seated in the video, with Taylor Swift’s ‘Karma’ playing in the background.

He also shared another post claiming he was ‘feeling 33’, which prompted fans once again to link him with Taylor Swift as she was the same age at the time. It could, of course, have been a hint towards an elusive 33rd race win, but Alonso chose not to say anything further.

Most will probably remember’s Alonso’s heated dispute with former Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas on TikTok. Casillas could see Alonso’s popularity surge dramatically on the social media platform and playfully issued a threat to the F1 veteran. Posting a video himself, Casillas pretended to be angry at how popular Alonso was becoming and warned him not to win more fans.

Alonso won fans over with his response, which was also in good spirit.“Papá está aquí,” he said, which translates to “Daddy is here”.

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