Fernando Alonso mocks George Russell after winning appeal for Jeddah P3; Mercedes wins hearts with epic comeback

Aston Martin driver Fernando Alonso continued his extraordinary start to the season with another podium finish in Jeddah.

There was a caveat this time though, as the position was taken away from him owing to a late penalty call, only for it to be handed back by the FIA later.

It only meant that George Russell had something that belonged to Alonso. The manner in which he requested for the trophy was truly peak Alonso.

The race ended in fine manner for Red Bull, who registered a 1-2 finish, with Sergio Perez claiming his first Grand Prix win of the campaign and fifth in his career.

Max Verstappen, meanwhile, was able to glide past the traffic and finish P2 after starting from P15.

Max Verstappen. Credit: planetf1.com
Max Verstappen. Credit: planetf1.com

With Alonso coming in at P3, he was part of the celebrations that took place on the podium in the post-race presentation ceremony.

Alonso had been served a five-second penalty earlier in the race for being out of position in his grid box.

The FIA then decided post-race that the Aston Martin rear jackman had touched Alonso’s car before the five seconds and therefore issued a 10-second penalty instead.

This would see Alonso move outside the podium positions.

While Alonso was not too unhappy with the result, he was critical of the way affairs were managed by the FIA.

The story does not end here, though, as Aston Martin’s appeal was successful and Alonso won his 3rd position back.

This also meant that the trophy that had been given to Russell following Alonso’s position change needed to be returned.

Russell posted a message on social media after winning the trophy.

“Fernando and Aston Martin deserved the podium today but I’m very happy to pick up our first trophy of the season and super proud of the hard work the team is putting in. Let’s keep pushing,” Russell said.

Alonso was quick to respond to the post, but it was perhaps Mercedes’ social media manager that really won hearts with an epic response.

Fernando Alonso. Credit: motorsport.com
Fernando Alonso. Credit: motorsport.com

The Silver Arrows took the picture of Russell with his trophy and altered it to reflect the actual result, as you can see in the post below.

Russell will be hoping for an improved showing on the part of Mercedes when the drivers line up for the Australian Grand Prix.

Do you think Mercedes will provide an adequate upgrade soon? Let us know in the comments.

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