Fernando Alonso warns he may ditch Alpine for rivals; discusses final phase of ‘El Plan’

Fernando Alonso may well be one of the most successful drivers still competing in F1, but the two-time world champion is not sure if he will stay at Alpine next season.

At the age of 40, Alonso has shown that he still has every bit of skill required to perform at the pinnacle of motorsport.

However, he may not line up for Alpine in 2023 and despite outperforming fellow teammate Esteban Ocon over the course of this season, Renault CEO Luca de Meo has said that Alonso is not guaranteed an extension.

It is worth noting that Alonso has had to contend with a lot of misfortune on his part.

He may have even got a podium finish in Australia if things worked out in his favour, but the results have not been indicative of how well he has performed for Alpine.

Although the Alpine bosses are convinced that Alonso still has the pedigree to push the team forward, they have offered him no assurances over an extension.

Naturally, this has made Alonso weigh his options as he ends into the final months of his current deal.

“It’s never a guarantee that you will stay,” said Alonso.

“We have to agree on something, I think, over the break.

“In the next weeks or whenever, I will sit down with the team and see what are their expectations.

“Also, what is the next step on the project, as well? I feel happy, I feel at home in Alpine, but there is no guarantee of anything, for sure.”

Next phase of ‘El Plan’

Fernando Alonso. Credit: sportskeeda.com
Fernando Alonso. Credit: sportskeeda.com

El Plan‘ has been mentioned by Alonso in the past.

His next objective is to get the better of Mercedes, who have also shown improved performance in recent weeks.

It is a noted fact that Alpine wishes to challenge for the top-3 next year and development will be crucial if they wish to bridge the gap at the top.

“I don’t think it’s going to be that easy for us, they [Mercedes] have a huge organisation, and we knew that they would come back sooner or later,” Alonso said. 

“For us, it’s a more medium-long-term programme, it’s a matter of starting next year’s car soon enough that we don’t compromise the next project.

“The big teams can start next year’s car, and at the same time keep improving this year’s car. For other teams, this is more of a challenge.”

For all the good work he has done this season, Alonso finds himself in 10th spot in the drivers’ standings.

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