Fernando Alonso drops cryptic message hinting at “big news”

Fernando Alonso has dropped a cryptic message hinting at “big news” on his Twitter account.

Alonso, who races for Alpine, tweeted a very strange message to his followers. It seemed like absolute gibberish, but it contained a code fans eventually cracked.

Ahead of the upcoming Belgian Grand Prix, Alonso dropped a cryptic message on Twitter.

“BTV vras nduvrg ddwa. Eno iw giadt gby awa, Q’z xwptbvrg ewqf mn ndlr!!!!,” Alonso tweeted, as reported by ESPN.

Fernando Alonso (pictured) dropped a tweet signalling some big news. Source: espn.in

Geniuses on the internet wasted no time getting to work. Pretty soon, by using the Vigenere cypher, which is a method used to encrypt alphabetic text. They decoded the message to be, “BIG news coming soon. And to tease you all, I’m tweeting this in code!!!!”

Then to make things even more interesting, Alonso’s teammate Esteban Ocon tweeted his own code.

“I mtb lsu pkmecoyt evpl hdzx sue lpnx yzj’zr enydcagiyv agvatvpg ewln,” he replied to Alonso. Online sleuths took even less time to decode the Hungarian Grand Prix winner’s message, which ironically read, “I bet you everyone will work out what you’re announcing straight away.”

Alonso replied to Ocon with, “Lpi’a fie, wtb’f wep. Iprc’vp vwg 24 lofga gs wzgs vx ofi!” It translated to “Let’s see, let’s see. They’ve got 24 hours to work it out!”

Earned the stay

If Alonso thought he was Jacques Sauniere from the Da Vinci Code, he was mistaken. Twitterati figured it out in a matter of minutes. The rumours are that his message indicated he will be signing a contract extension with Alpine.

At the ripe age of 40, Alonso has proven that he has very much got it. He gave Lewis Hamilton a run for his money in Hungary, and has been one of the fastest on the grid. That seems to be the reason why he is rumoured to stay at Alpine.

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