Fernando Alonso ‘relishing’ the prospect of partnering with Max Verstappen ‘if there is an opportunity’

Fernando Alonso may not enjoy the best of relations with many other F1 drivers, but when it comes to reigning two-time world champion Max Verstappen, the duo have great mutual respect towards each other.

They have regularly been quizzed about each other this season at post-race press events owing to them sharing the podium on four occasions this season in the first five races.

Max Verstappen reacts to fans booing him in Miami. Credit: planetf1.com
Max Verstappen reacts to fans booing him in Miami. Credit: planetf1.com

With Aston Martin emerging as a leading force in F1 this season, there is hope within the camp that the AMR23’s high-downforce performance could allow Alonso the opportunity to topple both Red Bulls and mark an unlikely win at this weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix.

While this season has seemed like a second-coming for Alonso on the back of many fruitless seasons in the midfield, he enjoyed considerable success when he took a brief hiatus from the pinnacle of motorsport.

The Spaniard won the Le Mans 24 Hours event twice in successive years in 2018 and 2019.

Verstappen himself has spoken glowingly about endurance races in the past and his interest in participating in them.

As for Alonso, he would love the opportunity to partner with Verstappen when the opportunity presents itself.

Alonso said: “In the future, for sure, if there is any opportunity.

“We are very good friends, we are always in contact. I would love to do Le Mans – if I do Le Mans once again – with Max.

Max Verstappen. Credit: wtf1.com
Max Verstappen. Credit: wtf1.com

“You know that [when] you pass the car [to your team-mates], when you go to rest, [you are passing it to] the best [drivers], so your car is in the best hands.

“That would be an honour.”

Verstappen had recently spoken about his ambition to participate in endurance races.

While he does dream of featuring in an endurance race alongside his father Jos, Max isn’t overly convinced they’d work well together.

“He’s getting too old and I want to do it with him,” he said.

Speaking about Alonso’s longevity in the sport, Verstappen explained how the 42-year-old’s passion for racing is what always catches his eye.

“He is fast and he’s still very motivated. Every time I talk to him, it’s like talking to a 30-year-old who is still in the middle of his career,” Verstappen said.

“He loves it. That’s why he’s doing it.”

Gianpiero Lambiase and Max Verstappen. Credit: motorsport.com
Gianpiero Lambiase and Max Verstappen. Credit: motorsport.com

Alonso is the oldest member on the F1 circuit at 42, but Verstappen has no such ambitions as far as his own career is concerned.

When asked if he could potentially stay in the sport that long, Verstappen gave a definitive response.

“Definitely not! Not in Formula 1, who knows what else.”

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