Fernando Alonso rubbishes achievement of F1 rival – “That fluke won’t repeat itself in 100 years”

Two-time world champion Fernando Alonso has hit out at former teammate Esteban Ocon over one of the finest moments of his career, claiming that it is nothing more than a 100-year Grand Prix fluke.

Alonso spoke about Ocon’s surprising win during the 2021 Hungarian Grand Prix.

Ocon made the most of the Lap 1 collision started by Valtteri Bottas and claimed what was an utterly unexpected race win.

This was the Enstone team’s first grand Prix win since 2013 and while Ocon didn’t need to contend with the fastest cars on the circuit owing the the early collisions, he still did a great job at fending off Sebastian Vettel’s challenge.

Alonso also put in a credible performance on this occasion, defending against a recovering Lewis Hamilton.

It is no secret that Alonso and Ocon’s relationship became rather frosty over time and the Spaniard eventually announced his decision to sign for Aston Martin.

“We don’t have the win because what happened in Hungary last year will never happen again in a hundred years, so that is a casualty,” Alonso said.

“And then, the podium, maybe in Canada and Australia we had a chance but we lost by our own fault.

“But when you are not fighting for the championship, to be fourth or fifth doesn’t change much.”

Ocon ended the campaign ahead of his more experienced partner in the drivers’ standings.

It was the first time in his career that he outscored a teammate.

Next season, Ocon will partner up with Pierre Gasly, while Alonso will line up alongside Lance Stroll.

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