Ferrari adds to Mercedes’ woes by poaching key backroom staff to propel 2022 championship bid

Ferrari has handed Mercedes yet another blow in what has already started off as a challenging campaign for the German team.

On the back of an exodus of staff from Mercedes to Red Bull a while back, Ferrari has now raided the Silver Arrows and signed the team’s chief aerodynamicist.

With new technical regulations in place, constructors have to be all the more careful when it comes to following the guidelines to extract maximum performance from the new challengers.

While Mercedes and Red Bull were locked in and focused on the 2021 championship, Ferrari silently managed to almost nail its 2022 car.

Who did Ferrari hire?

Red Bull and Ferrari are competing for the 2022 championship. Credit:

Ferrari has already bagged five podium finishes in the first three races of this season.

While a shift in focus was key for Ferrari last year itself, a lot of innovations also come through the right personnel.

Gianluca Romani, who joined Mercedes back in 2019, has now been recruited by Ferrari to fulfil the team’s ambitions.

“I’m happy to share that I’m starting a new position as Aerodynamicist at Ferrari,” he posted on LinkedIn.

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