Ferrari F1-75 leak has fans nodding in approval over ‘cool, 90s throwback’ livery and eye-catching design

Ferrari is one of the most illustrious Formula 1 teams in the sport. Not only has it had some of the most prolific drivers to race for it, the team has always captured the imagination of fans with its iconic livery.

With the new Ferrari challenger set to be launched later today, a leak on Reddit got fans up in unison about how ‘old school’ the F1-75 looked.

The team appears to have gone with an all-black colour scheme for its front and rear wings. It can clearly be seen that the shade the team has gone for is far darker compared to previous seasons.

The resized side-pods are also highly noticeable, being much larger than they have been in recent years. Fans believe this is a tribute to the Ferraris of the early 2000s.

Throwback to cars from yesteryears

If only the performance matches the look, it will get fans dreaming. That is the period, after all, when Michael Schumacher was at his prime and won five consecutive years with the Maranello outfit.

While it can’t be confirmed whether it’s a legitimate leak, the overwhelming response has been pretty positive on the new look that Ferrari has gone for.

The mirror design is also quite different compared to the one seen in 2021. It appears like the side mirrors have been welded into the side-pods as opposed to extending rods.

It is worth noting that a switch to Shell for its fuel has further aided Ferrari in its quest to bridge the gap on Mercedes this year.

Are we going to see Ferrari back at the top of the table in 2022? Let us know in the comments section!

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