Ferrari give take on 2022 budget cap – “Difficult to have a large number of updates within the limits”

Ferrari gave their take on the 2022 budget cap, saying that any scope for development would be very tight.

2022 will see new regulations incorporated into the sport when the new season kicks off. In addition to dealing with them, teams will have to deal with a budget cap, a measure introduced to restrict spending within the sport.

Teams have not reacted well to the budget cap. They were already unhappy with the 2021 season’s figure, and they have only gotten more annoyed with its reduction for the upcoming season.

Ferrari gave their take on the 2022 budget cap, saying that on the budget allocated, development would be at a premium.

Speaking to as quoted by Planet F1, Ferrari technical director Laurent Mekies said, “If you look at 2019 or 2018, I think we will see less.

“In those seasons, the big teams had something new every race, or every two. It seems difficult from our point of view to have a large number of updates with the limits that exist.”

Ferrari logo on the nose cone of their F1 car. Abu Dhabi, December 2021.
Ferrari are the latest team to criticise the budget cap. Source:


“You need to keep a few marks to develop during the season because you will learn more and more, and you have to find ways to adjust it,” he continued.

“That’s been the biggest challenge. Once you’ve defined it that’s what you have to develop, the aerodynamics and the mechanics, so every department will say ‘okay, with that I can do these two or three updates’ and then you will schedule all your plans to make it happen. That’s what we do now. The difficulty is it depends on how competitive you are with the others.

“If you have a big hiccup at the start of the season and it doesn’t correlate with the rest, you can spend some of your money on two or three upgrades. You need to fix it any way you can, so you take the parts, throw it away and that’s how you will fix it.”

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