Ferrari has unique ‘nuclear button’ to reset rivals’ progress; Will they use it to dent Red Bull, Aston Martin after Bahrain blip?

Fans of any sport are its heart-line. Without them, there would be nothing. Similarly, sports also thrives and in many ways, relies, on teams that build and develop strong supporter bases.

The story of F1 is no different.

Why does Ferrari enjoy exclusive veto power in F1?

Ferrari F1 2023. Credit:
Ferrari F1 2023. Credit:

While the pinnacle of motorsport racing offers plenty of excitement and helps pit the finest drivers in the world against each other, it also relies on the brand value of its teams.

With big names comes an increased audience and that is, after all, the main aim of most sporting organisations that wish to be profitable.

Ferrari has a long-standing association with F1 and is one of the sport’s most successful teams.

Such is its power that the governing body itself almost bows down to the wishes of the Prancing Horse.

The team reportedly enjoys a ‘nuclear button’ which is exclusively available to them.

It allows the Ferrari management the power to veto any rule changes.

In simpler terms, it has the power to single-handedly block any rule changes that it feels could have an impact on its own team or the sport in general.

This power was initially given to Ferrari in 1980 when it was rumoured that they would walk away from the sport owing to some contentious calls in the previous seasons and general lack of profitability of the sport.

The team still enjoys this veto power, following the Concorde Agreement which was last negotiated in 2019.

Even now, it is believed that F1 would struggle as a sport if Ferrari decided to clear out its paddock and walk away.

Will Ferrari use veto power this season?

Frederic Vasseur. Credit:
Frederic Vasseur. Credit:

Ferrari team boss Frederic Vasseur was asked if his team would use this ‘nuclear button’ after its poor start to the 2023 season.

“It’s a team representative and an F1 commission representee on the World [Motorsport] Council,” said Vasseur, answering a question about who has the final say on the use of the veto ability.

“I’m supposed to vote in function of the decisions of the teams, this is crystal clear. [But] the quality of the job done at the F1 commission level is very good.

“When we are bringing something [forward], the next step I think is quite finalised.

“I think Ferrari have never used [the veto] in the past because of the work done at the F1 commission. Even if sometimes we are not on the same page and are fighting each other.

“I don’t see where we could use [the veto] in the short term. I mean that honestly.”

While Ferrari did show plenty of promise last season, Red Bull was just too far ahead of them for long stretches.

Will this season prove to be any different? Let us know in the comments.

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