Ferrari has slammed some fans for their comments on Michael Schumacher.

Schumacher, who is currently making a recovery from a horrible skiing accident in 2013, was a Ferrari mainstay throughout his career. With them, he won multiple world championships, and both driver and team staked their claims to be one of the greatest pairings in the history of the sport.

Ferrari Vice Chairman Piero Ferrari gave an update on the retired driver’s health. Ferrari slammed some fans for their comments on Schumacher, and shared some fond memories he had with him.

Speaking at an award ceremony in Italy, Ferrari said, “I’m sorry we talk about him today as if he were dead. He’s not dead, he’s there, but he can’t communicate,” Ferrari said.

Piero Ferrari
Piero Ferrari (pictured) says Michael Schumacher is recovering well. Source:

“I had the pleasure of having Schumacher as a guest at home and drinking a bottle of red wine together. He really enjoyed having these moments of intimacy and tranquillity. He was a simple, clear, precise person, a very linear personality.”

The young horses

Ferrari then proceeded to talk about Michael’s son Mick Schumacher, saying that the team is assisting him however they can.

“His team (Haas) has made the choice not to spend in 2021, so they are using a car that was already not good in 2020,” Ferrari said.

“But they are spending for 2022, and we at Ferrari are also helping Haas. For his second year, we hope to give Schumacher a car with which he can demonstrate his qualities.”

Ferrari then spoke about the current driver line-up of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, and gave his thoughts on both drivers.

“My father would certainly have liked him (Leclerc). The comparison between past and present riders is difficult,” he said.

“Charles is very different: he is an intelligent driver, an extremely gifted boy from all points of view, with extraordinary reflexes, great concentration. Carlos Sainz is also proving to be a solid and fast young man.

“We have a good team, for the future everything will change, the cards will reshuffle and we must remember that there are many technical limits set by the regulation and that the next year will be all new,” he concluded.

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