Ferrari staff refused to celebrate Sainz’ maiden F1 win in blatant protest over shabby Leclerc treatment

The British Grand Prix was a very memorable occasion for Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz, who registed his maiden F1 race win.

However, there was quite a bit of chaos ensuing behind the scenes and if reports are to be believed, Ferrari staff refused to celebrate the win with the Spaniard.

Former Ferrari press officer Alberto Antonini said that tempers had been raised at the team owing to the strategy deployed for Charles Leclerc, who was far from happy after finishing outside the podium places.

Antonini argued that it is “not a good sign” for Ferrari and the team should not be so blatant in the way that it prioritises Leclerc over Sainz.

“I have been told – and I trust the source – an ugly episode that occurred in the immediate aftermath of the Silverstone race,” Antonini said.

“Part of the Ferrari staff allegedly refused, at least initially, to attend the podium ceremony and photo op. If true, as I fear, this is not a good sign.

“A little healthy rivalry inside the garage is fine, it is fine for each mechanic and each technician to cheer for ‘his’ driver, but the common interest must be to aim to win.”

Leclerc was asked not to publicly criticise Ferrari team orders

Charles Leclerc. Credit:

With Max Verstappen struggling out in Silverstone, it was the perfect moment for Leclerc to close the gap on the current leader.

However, some dodgy strategies emplyed by Ferrari meant that Leclerc could not even finish the race in the top-3 despite looking like he could win it for big portions.

Leclerc seemed to criticise his team over the radio for the confusing strategy that it employed.

“The amount of race time we have lost in this race is…oh my God,” he said.

“The only good thing about today is Carlos won but frickin’ hell, guys! Anyway, enjoy the victory.”

Following the race, Leclerc and Binotto could be seen engaging in a heated discussion.

Binotto was even seen wagging his finger at Leclerc in a bid to get him not to criticise the team’s orders in public.

This comes on the back of a rather difficult period for Leclerc, who was notably frustrated at how the race ended.

His lead over Verstappen during the Australian Grand Prix was almost 50 points, but he now trails the Red Bull driver as we make our way to the midway point of this season.

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