Charles Leclerc had trouble with the power unit during the Italian Grand Prix in Monza last weekend, resulting in a disappointing performance.

As a result, Ferrari has upgraded its car for the Russian Grand Prix in Sochi, though it won’t be able to make the most of it.

The new power unit will, however, increase its output as the season develops. However, the Scuderia will only be able to achieve half of the horsepower that the new engine will provide in Sochi for the time being.

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Leclerc unable to fully utilise upgraded power unit

In Monza, the Monegasque racing driver encountered some problems with the power unit. To avoid this weekend, the Italian team has sought to bring a new power unit, despite the fact that it will not be capable of producing the maximum horsepower.

The new engine, on the other hand, will be able to extract the most performance over time.

According to reports, the new power unit will deliver an additional 8 horsepower, which is half of what it is capable of. The power unit, on the other hand, will be able to reach peak levels of performance as the season progresses.

Due to power unit troubles, he had a dismal race in Monza. Leclerc is optimistic that the alterations he made to his car for the weekend in Sochi will result in a better performance.

As reported by, Leclerc said, “On the bench, the new power unit has confirmed progress, and every time we have something capable of guaranteeing us a step forward we try to bring it to the track. I don’t expect big changes, but I hope to see an improvement. in the right direction.” (Translated from Italian via Google)

Many people are looking forward to seeing Leclerc this weekend in Russia, thanks to the fresh upgrades made to his Ferrari.

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