Ferrari thinks Mercedes is doing nothing wrong with new suspension

Ferrari revealed that it thinks Mercedes is doing nothing wrong with its new suspension, a part that has come under suspicion recently.

Mercedes’ suspension has been suspected of being illegal. Many videos showed that the back end of their cars drop down at high velocities on the straights. This ensures more straightline speed for their cars.

Red Bull was the first team to protest against it, but it was in vain. It was looked at by other teams, including Ferrari. The Prancing Horse is no stranger to controversy regarding engineering, having been at the centre of one some years ago.

Ferrari revealed that it thinks Mercedes is doing nothing wrong with their new suspension, and said that it seems perfectly legal.

“Honestly I’m not too interested in this discussion,” Ferrari Team Principal Mattia Binotto said, as quoted by  

“I’m not really following them, I heard about it. I do not see anything wrong or illegal in that. I mean I’m even not somehow surprised the way the car behaves.”

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Mercedes’ cars in action. Source:


McLaren boss Andreas Seidl also gave his take on the rear suspension, but said that teams should just be minding their own business instead of focusing their energy on such matters.

“To be honest, I only saw yesterday I think the Sky video when the analysis was done,” Seidl said.

“But we didn’t spend any energy yet on this topic.We have enough to do just focusing on ourselves and executing a good race weekend.

“So let’s chat a bit about it again in a week’s time, once we have looked into this as a team. And if there’s actually something behind it or it is just a ghost which is going through the paddock at the moment,” he concluded.

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