Ferrari to make drastic changes to Leclerc’s chassis after embarrassing Q2 exit

Ferrari is set to change Charles Leclerc’s chassis after his embarrassing Q2 exit during qualifying in Qatar.

There were multiple shocks and upsets on Saturday, and one of them was the two-time race winner’s failure to make Q3. He missed out by two-tenths of a second, and was not happy about it.

The Monegasque went thirteenth-fastest overall, and both team and driver were left scratching their heads. This was made even more confusing because the other Ferrari driver in Carlos Sainz was doing great.

The team finally managed to figure the cause of the problem, and that was a cracked chassis on the car after contact with a kerb. Ferrari is now set to change Leclerc’s chassis after his Q2 exit, and he will begin the race with a new one.

“This was definitely unexpected,” Leclerc said, as quoted by RaceFans.  

“If I am ever off the pace, I know if it was due to the balance not being right, or down to me making a mistake. But neither was the case today.

“I never felt that the tyres were in the right window and I was sliding around all the time, limited by the lack of grip. On top of that, the damage to the chassis caused by the kerbs in Q1 certainly didn’t help.

Leclerc: I'll change my driving if Verstappen avoids penalty | RacingNews365
Leclerc (pictured) will get a new chassis. Source:

“So I have to sit down with the team and carefully analyse all the data to see if something significant was not working properly or can be improved.”

Odds stacked

Leclerc should mostly start the race in his qualifying position, and the rumours of him getting a pitlane start may be a little far-fetched. However, given the difficulty of overtaking in Qatar, it may be a massive task to finish in a great position.

The driver predicted a tough race for himself and for Ferrari on Sunday, but remained hopeful of getting a good start.

“We have lots of work ahead of us, especially for our mechanics and it won’t be an easy race tomorrow,” he continued.  

“Hopefully we can take advantage of starting with a free choice of fresh tyres.”

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