Ferrari set to debut ‘revolutionary’ F1 engine at the Turkish Grand Prix

Ferrari had a dismal 2020 season, but they have turned things around this year. Many expected to face the same difficulties as they did in the last campaign, given that the implementation of new technical regulations had been postponed.

In the constructors’ championship, however, the Italian team is directly vying with McLaren for third place.

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Ferrari to debut an F1 engine. Source:

With eight races remaining, there has been a lot of buzz about their new power unit. According to reports, Ferrari will use that power unit in the Turkish Grand Prix vehicles of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz.

A new power unit will be installed by Ferrari

The Italian team has built a reputation for delivering F1 cars with exceptional straight-line speed throughout the years. Last year’s car, on the other hand, had aerodynamic concerns that hindered its straight-line speed.

Furthermore, their power unit appeared to be well behind Mercedes in terms of production. For example, on the long straights of this year’s race in Monza, Leclerc and Sainz struggled to keep up with McLaren, who employ Mercedes power units.

The Ferrari duo will be penalized when the fourth power unit is introduced because they are currently using three. According to Motorsport, this could happen next month in Istanbul. Team principal Mattia Binotto said the power unit wasn’t ready in time when asked why it couldn’t make it to Monza.

According to reports on Motorsport, he said, “That engine was not ready for Monza. If the development had been available we would probably have introduced it already here. We will use it as soon as it is usable.” (Translated via Google Translate).

Several additional features will be added to the new power unit. The Italian business hopes to boost combustion chamber performance with new lubricants and fuel supplied by long-time partners Shell.

New hybrid system components will be included in the new power unit to replace some of the car’s out-of-date components. Overall, Ferrari expects to gain 10 horsepower as a result of these enhancements.

The team will hope that the new power unit keeps them close to McLaren in the races that remain this year, despite their focus on 2022.

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