Ferrari keen to see changes to new regulations in 2023 – “There is definitely a lot less freedom”

Ferrari want some changes to the new regulations in 2023, saying that they must be reviewed to address any potential weaknesses they may have.

2022 will see new regulations implemented in an attempt to shake up the sport. There have been plenty of talking points, but one drawback that has been pointed out was the amount of control teams have over experimenting with their cars.

The new framework will be put to the test in the upcoming season. The cars and the teams will approach the season very differently to how they did 2022, with the idea being that competition will be closer than ever.

However, Ferrari want changes to the new regulations in 2023, saying that after a year, they must be reviewed to keep the sport’s dynamic fresh.

As quoted by Planet F1, Ferrari Technical Director Laurent Mekies said, “There is definitely a lot less freedom.

“We are all excited because it will be very different to this year. How much the cars will differ from each other? That remains to be seen. I think the first time we will see enough differences to satisfy us all.

Charles Leclerc follows Ferrari team-mate Carlos Sainz. Abu Dhabi December 2021.
Ferrari (pictured) will be hoping for a great 2022. Source:

“But at the beginning of 2023, we should look closely to see if there is still enough differentiation and room for the teams to make a difference.”

New scenarios

“The balance is more difficult, the difference between high and low speed is more difficult,” Mekies explained.

“So I think it will be more difficult for them at the beginning.

“It will be interesting to see how this will affect the drivers’ performance. We’ve seen in the past where drivers have done very well with one set of regulations and struggled more with another or the tyres.”

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