Fittipaldi criticises 23-race season – “It’s not normal”

Emerson Fittipaldi has criticised the 23-race 2022 season, saying that it will be very demanding and exhausting for everyone involved.

F1 and the FIA announced that next season will add one more race to the current calendar to have 23 races. This will be an unprecedented measure, and has naturally generated mixed opinions.

While some welcomed the added excitement and drama, others were quick to slam to overcrowded schedule. They also pointed out that the measure was only going to put pressure on drivers and teams more than what is required.

Fittipaldi criticised the 23-race 2022 season, and lamented the lack of concern shown by the sport regarding everything except their own interests.

Speaking to, Fittipaldi said, “It’s a very important issue, because you can imagine how many trips they have to make to different countries around the world.

“On top of that, they have jet lags and have to deal with distance from family. It’s a difficult life, not only for the drivers, but also for the mechanics and the whole team.

Fierce criticism of FIA: 'Next year's 23 races are not normal'
23 of these sights is too much, according to Fittipaldi. Source:

“If you consider during the season how many days they stay at home and how many they travel, it’s a lot. In our time we had fourteen, fifteen GPs, but also a lot of testing between races. That meant more travel.

“Nowadays it’s not much, but they go to the simulator and have physical training, plus commitments between weekends. I don’t know how they manage with 22 GPs. And next year’s 23 races are not normal,” the former driver concluded.

Money talks

The 23-race schedule is seen by many as nothing more than a cash grab by F1. In addition to having more races, they have also shunned some iconic locations in favour of new ones, essentially sidelining heritage for money.

It will be interesting to see the reception towards these races when they happen next season.

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