Ford piles pressure on Red Bull to deliver on promise ahead of formal partnership – “A lot of work has to be done”

American manufacturer Ford has claimed that it assessed all potential options before deciding that Red Bull would be ‘the best partner’ ahead of securing a return to F1.

Ford has a rich history in F1, having been part of the sport back in the 1960s, 70s, 80s and 90s through alliances with Lotus, Tyrell and Williams.

Red Bull F1. Credit:
Red Bull F1. Credit:

Its most recent constructors and drivers’ championship came in 1994, when the legendary German driver Michael Schumacher led Ford-powered Benetton to glory.

Despite being absent from the pinnacle of motorsport for a number of years now, Ford is still the third most successful engine manufacturer in history with 176 Grand Prix wins, behind only Ferrari (244) and Mercedes (212).

With Red Bull already setting new benchmarks as far as on-track dominance is concerned, Ford hopes that it will enable the Milton Keynes-based outfit to become even more lethal.

“We work very well with Red Bull. They are our partner and our focus is on winning. We want that to be possible and have looked for the best partner,” Ford performance director Mark Rushbrook said.

Ford will enter the sport in 2026 amidst changes to regulations for the chassis and engine of cars. While many teams will see this season as a fresh start, Red Bull will believe that it can continue to build on its success of the past few years.

The 2026 regulations will be employed with the view of making the sport more attractive to new engine manufacturers by ensuring an even playing field and bridging the gap between teams. It will see the end of the MGU-H system in the engines that converts wasted heat to electrical energy, while the V6 engines will remain.

To ensure that there is no change in the output of cars, the hybrid power of the MGU-K will increase to 350 kilowatts, which should mean that the overall power output remains the same.

Rushbrook asserted that although their formal entry in the sport is slated for 2026, Red Bull needs to continue progressing with the same intensity till then.

“We made quite a bit of progress last year, but in order to be well prepared on the grid in 2026 there is still a lot to be done,” Rushbrook said.

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