Former F1 driver says Nikita Mazepin struggles linked with Mercedes

Former F1 driver Marc Surer has hinted that Mercedes are at fault for Nikita Mazepin’s struggles.

Mazepin’s debut season got off to the worst start, and his struggles have continued. Many drivers have been on the receiving end of his dangerous driving, and he is public enemy number one for F1 fans.

Surer weighed in on Mazepin’s fortunes, and offered a unique take on the situation. He said Mazepin’s driving style comes from his ignorance at seeing faster cars race. Surer hinted that Mercedes are at fault for Mazepin’s struggles.

As reported by Motorsport-Total, Surer said, “He has become spoiled because of that because with a Mercedes many drivers can drive fast.

Because of deal with FIA: Marc Surer criticized Ferrari opponents | Web24  News
Marc Surer (pictured) thinks Mazepin’s troubles stem from external sources. Source:

“That might have made him think, ‘Formula 1 is not that difficult’. However, then he goes from the best car on the grid to the worst, and of course, that is tough.”

“I think Mazepin is overwhelmed by Formula 1. A lot of his actions are not thought about and not well prepared. Sometimes it even seems like it’s almost out of some kind of panic. It’s not under control and he has no overview,” the Swiss concluded.

Mazepin has many critics

One of Mazepin’s critics on the grid is his own teammate, Mick Schumacher. The German is not his biggest fan, and the two teammates haven’t spoken to each other after the Dutch GP. Schumacher, however, hopes the issue can be resolved soon.

“Everything has been said from each party and hopefully, we can find the right solution and the right way out of it,” Schumacher said.

“We have discussed it internally and I am quite keen on keeping it internally as well. We will see the understanding we have taken within the team.

“Hopefully, whatever we have discussed now will then not be a worry at the moment we are more competitive,” he concluded.

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