Frederic Vasseur urged to ‘talk less and work more’ as internal chaos at Ferrari taints season prospects

Former Ferrari driver Rene Arnoux feels it is obvious that the team is in a state of ‘crisis’ and has attributed its lacklustre start to new team principal Frederic Vasseur “talking more and working less”.

The Prancing Horse was expected to put up a significant title challenge after last year’s revival.

Ferrari pitstop. Credit:
Ferrari pitstop. Credit:

Although Ferrari was not able to match Red Bull over the course of the campaign, early signs suggested that they had a real winner in the F1-75.

However, a number of controversial decisions by then team principal Mattia Binotto scuppered Charles Leclerc’s charge and the team was forced to pick up the bits and prepare for the next season.

Fast forward to 2023 and the Scuderia has a new team principal, but the same problems seem to be hindering its progress.

A combination of reliability troubles and mediocre pace has meant Ferrari has had to settle for fourth position in the constructors’ standings after the first two races.

Arnoux spent two seasons with Ferrari in the mid-1980s and feels the heavy tyre wear the SF-23 suffers from is leading to poor performance.

“Perhaps the car was built better last year, although it wasn’t reliable,” he said.

“Now it’s not competitive, it doesn’t have a great chassis, it eats up the tyres. The results are worrying. There’s a lot to work on.

“Something must be done, because an extraordinary brand like Ferrari cannot afford to go like this.”

Charles Leclerc. Credit:
Charles Leclerc. Credit:

The former Ferrari driver believes Vasseur’s laidback attitude might mean it is too late for Ferrari to rescue the season after a poor start.

“He has to recognise that he’s in a moment of crisis,” Arnoux said.

“So work a lot and talk little. When things get better, he can do the interviews. He has one advantage: having worked in various teams, he knows many people.

“If he has identified valuable figures, he must bring them to Ferrari, because you need to change to improve. To win again.”

Frederic Vasseur. Credit:
Frederic Vasseur. Credit:

Arnoux further elaborated the team’s need to recruit a technical personnel if it intends to challenge the best in the sport.

“The people need to change,” he said.

“Companies are made by people, the results depend on people. There is a lack of competent people involved in the concept of the car.”

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