F1 makes vaccination rule after Djokovic controversy

F1 has mandated full vaccination for the 2022 season after the Novak Djokovic controversy.

F1 is set to have 23 races in 2022. It will be a record-breaking affair, shattering the current one held by the 22-race 2021 season. With intense paddock action expected and COVID-19 always a threat, it becomes imperative to stay cautious.

With tennis superstar Djokovic missing the Australian Open due to him not being vaccinated, the whole situation regarding vaccines has heated up. After bags of controversy, blame games and even a legal battle, he was deported from Australia and banned from the country.

To avoid any such scenarios, F1 has mandated full vaccination for the 2022 season after the Djokovic situation turned ugly.

“F1 will require all travelling personnel to be fully vaxxed and will not request exemptions,” said a spokesperson for Formula One Management, as quoted by f1i.com.

Anyone who steps foot in the paddock will have to be fully vaxxed. Source: XPB

Still not certain

F1 sporting director Steve Nielsen insisted that even though 23 races were planned, he was not ruling out unwanted spanners in the works.

“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit worried, I am,” Nielsen said earlier this month.

“The optimism that we perhaps had a couple of months ago that the pandemic was on the back foot has been knocked back a bit in the last two or three weeks.

“It’s an ever-changing situation. Since the beginning this thing has risen up and fallen away depending on which region you’re going into. Some of the more severe restrictions that we were seeing – certainly last year, and the first part of this year – countries are putting more robust protocols in place and learning to live with the virus.

“Hopefully that means they can continue to accept international visitors, which is obviously a massive, important thing we need in order to be able to carry our championship around,” he concluded.

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