Pierre Gasly forced to visit doctor after excruciating intestine pain – “I was dying inside the car”

French driver Pierre Gasly was in so much pain that he was literally “screaming” in agony during the last few laps of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

He is rather happy to have managed to earn a P8 given the excruciating pain he was in.

Gasly was involved in an exciting battle against the McLaren duo of Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo. Later in the race, he also took on the Alpine pair of Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon.

The conditions were such that many drivers could be seen sweating profusely. Gasly reveleaved a searing pain in his intestine and discussed the inner strength it took him to finish the race.

“I must say I am really happy,” Gasly said.

“It was very unlucky timing with the pitstop, when we boxed, as soon as I came out of the pits, I saw the safety car came out, so I dropped to 14th.

“We managed to make our way back to P8, so yeah, I think we can be happy and on my side, it’s been the most painful last 15 laps of my career.

“I don’t know what’s happened with my intestine, but I was dying inside the car. I was screaming because of pain and just happy the race is done, and we managed to secure P8.

“I feel like every left turn someone was stabbing me on the inside, on my intestine, so it was not nice.”

Gasly further revealed that he had consulted a doctor after the race ended.

“I’ve seen him already, we’ll see after. I don’t know what it is. We’ll see what’s happened,” he said.

AlphaTauri has made an unconvincing start

Even though Gasly did manage a points-finish in this race, AlphaTauri has not looked all that dependable in the early part of this season.

The French driver was forced to retire in Bahrain due to a technical problem. His teammate Yuki Tsunoda failed to participate in the qualifying rounds in Jeddah due to similar problems with his car.

Gasly believes his team will find a way to tackle the problem.

“I must say, reliability wise [it has been] very difficult since the first weekend,” he said.

“Testing went so well, we were confident. We lost some points in Bahrain on my side and now today Yuki didn’t qualify, and he didn’t even take the start.

“So as a team obviously quite painful to see that. But I’m confident within the team to find the solutions.

“We’ve been very reliable last year and the past few years but clearly, it’s been quite tough these first few weekends.”

AlphaTauri finds itself in seventh position in the Constructors’ Championship with both its drivers having notched 4 points across the two races.

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