Gasly reveals story of sponsorship scam – “They never showed up and I never got the money”

Pierre Gasly revealed the story of how he was roped into a sponsorship scam back in his GP2 days.

Before the 2016 season, Gasly was hoping to make the move from the DAMS team to Prema. Prema was putting out a team in the category he wanted to race in for the first time, and the Frenchman was excited to be part of their project.

However, in order to make the move happen, he needed help in the form of funding. For this reason, he travelled to Uganda after being assured by a potential sponsor that he would fund his move.

It would be a case of disappointment and learning, as the sponsor never showed up. Gasly revealed the story of how he got caught up in a sponsorship scam, and what he learned from the whole incident.

“I had to find some sponsors, and I had a trip to Uganda,” Gasly told

“I was supposed to meet a guy that wanted to sponsor me. I needed (the) budget to race with Prema. It was during the presidential election, so there was a high risk of rebellion in the country.

“But I want to race with Prema, I need to find money, I’m just going there… I was maybe 19 at that time.

Gasly (pictured) went through a rough experience to get some money. Source: RN365

“In (the space of) 24 hours, we decided to get the tickets, go there for 12 hours, meet (an) unknown guy, that I unfortunately didn’t meet, because he never showed up, and (I) never got the money.”

Lessons to be learned

“I must say, this was a real adventure, because from the start to the end, nothing went as expected,” the 2020 Italian GP winner continued.

“I went with my mum there, and we thought we were never going to go back to Europe.

“It was actually kind of mind-blowing, just to see the poverty and the conditions that these people live in. We went through some sort of favelas, and this makes you realise how it is in some places in the world, and how poverty affects some of these people.

“I came back with no money. I actually lost money with the flight tickets, but it was a good life lesson,” he concluded his story.

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