George Russell and Mercedes bosses caught on camera by Netflix crew signing ‘monumental deal’

Williams driver George Russell has apparently signed a Mercedes contract after the Dutch GP.

Russell has been linked for the longest time with a move to Mercedes. We have never quite known the full details. Now, former Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg has given a major hint regrading it, and it seems we really have seen the beginning of the move.

After the Dutch GP, Rosberg, who was around for the race weekend, claimed that camera operators were called into the Mercedes office. That is all fine, until he said they were Netflix camera operators. This means that they are part of the Drive to Survive documentary, and that could mean they were in there to capture something monumental.

Rosberg claimed the streaming service camera staff were called to Toto Wolff’s office to capture the signing of Russell. If they really got footage of Russell signing his Mercedes contract, it is an incredible way to get to know.

Nico Rosberg (left) has let viewers in on major Russell (right) news. Source:

“By the way on George Russell, I’ve got a rumour,” Rosberg said, as reported by

“A certain streaming service was called into the office of Toto to film the signatures. That’s the rumour that is circulating in the paddock.”

Exciting times

With Mercedes delaying the announcement, it is pleasing to hear it come from an external source. The source itself, given that it is the former Mercedes driver and world champion in Rosberg, is poetic. Speaking of world champions, Jenson Button also weighed in on Russell joining Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes.

“For George, it puts more pressure on his shoulders because he’s going into a team that has won multiple world championships, every championship in the hybrid era,” he said.

“For Lewis, it puts pressure on his shoulders because he’s never had a young hotshot come into his team that he’s had to beat.

“It’s a very different dynamic from what we’ve seen with British drivers before as team-mates, it was Lewis and myself, so I’m really excited for that fight if it happens. It will be great for Lewis because it’s another challenge for him.”

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