George Russell eliminates ‘villain’ persona with heartwarming gesture at Mercedes HQ to leave fans teary-eyed

Mercedes driver George Russell may have his set of detractors after eclipsing Lewis Hamilton in his debut season at the team. It’s fair to say that he hasn’t really done much wrong to get the sort of hate that he does from Hamilton’s fans and his nature has often perhaps been judged as a touch too arrogant.

His recent gesture at the Mercedes HQ, though, could alter perceptions a little.

Fans will recall how Guanyu Zhou encountered a horrible accident last year. Russell had stopped his car mid-race to help his fellow driver who found himself sprawled against the barriers.

Russell was at the forefront as he helped marshals in their attempt to rescue the injured Zhou.

As a token of appreciation, Russell invited the same mechanics to the Mercedes HQ in Brackley.

The event started off with marshals being given a tour of the operations centre after which they indulged in a casual chat with Russell.

While cynics could point to this purely being just a publicity stunt, the gesture has been received very well by a number of fans.

Many were left teary-eyed as Russell finally got the recognition for being a good human being and taking time out from his busy schedule.

Russell has often been dubbed a ‘villain’ by his detractors, but the post of one of the marshals seems to rubbish this perception.

Even a Max Verstappen fan couldn’t help but appreciate Russell’s heart-warming gesture.

Another summarised the entire event quite beautifully.

“People think he is entitled but in reality, he is so sweet and considerate, he just doesn’t have time to joke around at work that much anymore,” the fan said.

It wasn’t completely out of the blue that Russell checked up on Zhou.

The two drivers had collided with each other as the crash saw the Chinese driver’s car fly over the run-off area and hit the barriers.

Zhou was wedged between the carriers and the fence, hanging upside down but still conscious.

Russell was concerned about Zhou’d well-being and got out of his own car to assist any rescue work that was needed to free him up from a narrow space.

Russell recalled the incident: “An incredibly scary incident, not just for him but for everyone in the crowd as well, it’s never nice to see.” 

“It was horrible, in that position he was stuck there, nothing he could have done.”

The efforts of the rescue workers, Zhou eventually came out unharmed.

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