George Russell seeks Max Verstappen inspiration for future F1 greatness over teammate Lewis Hamilton

George Russell has spent just over a year at Mercedes, but his stature at the team has grown immeasurably owing to his strong perform in his debut season that saw him outscore teammate Lewis Hamilton.

While the seven-time world champion is currently ahead of Russell in this season’s drivers’ standings after the first five races, Russell still looks up to Max Verstappen as the driver who inspires him the most.

Max Verstappen and George Russell. Credit:
Max Verstappen and George Russell. Credit:

Verstappen represents one of the most talented drivers of his generation and at the age of 25, already boasts two world championships.

Judging by how the season has gone so far and Red Bull’s overall strength compared to its rivals, Max would be eyeing a third successive title.

Russell is keen to study Verstappen closely as he is an inspirational figure for him.

While Verstappen has established himself in the sport over the years after making his debut as a 17-year-old, Russell feels that is not the only reason why the Dutchman is ahead of him on personal accolades.

Russell believes it is Verstappen’s patience that is the most special quality about him.

Hamilton fans will remember that the seven-time world champion had to show significant patience himself, having a barren spell after winning his first title in 2008 till 2014, when he won his second.

Although he made his debut back in 2015, he had to wait till 2021 to have a realistic chance of winning the championship.

Lewis Hamilton and George Russell. Credit:
Lewis Hamilton and George Russell. Credit:

“Just look at Max,” said Russell. 

“He had five years with RB, in which he won what? Eight races? Then he won 15 last season!

“He deserved to fight for titles before too, but now it’s his time and he makes a fine World Champion.”

Russell has failed to make the headlines for his performances this season and has failed to finish on the podium in any of the five races.

While Mercedes has brought upgrades to Monaco, Russell may need to be patient himself before he can truly take flight in the sport.

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