Grosjean praises “crazy” Alonso’s racing ability

Romain Grosjean praised the “crazy” Alonso’s racing ability, and said that he just does magic with his car.

Alonso and Grosjean were teammates at Renault in 2009. They were in the same team for seven races, and in that time, the Spaniard managed to thoroughly impress his French counterpart.

The two-time world champion has been a master at the wheel throughout his career. He has done extraordinary things and driven fantastic races, and remains one of the most impressive drivers even at 40.

Grosjean praised the “crazy” Alonso’s racing ability, and hailed him for managing to drop his jaw.

“I remember one in Suzuka in qualifying,” he told Nico Rosberg on his podcast.

“The whole weekend I was faster than him in free practice, and then comes qualifying with the first set of tyres and I’m faster than him.

“And then the second set of tyres he killed me. I was like ‘damn, what happened here?’

“I go to the data and I remember Spoon corner, we used to brake a little bit for the first part, lift off the brake and then brake again.

“The first part he in went in so fast, insanely fast, it wasn’t the same corner. I was like ‘how the hell did he pull that off?’ He killed me by three tenths in that one corner.”

Romain Grosjean was involved in a crash in F1. Credits:

Belief in the ability

The former Haas driver revealed confidence to be the reason why Alonso was as good as he was.

“I think that’s it, having the confidence, the experience, trying something a bit crazy with a car that was the slowest, trying to go for it and find something that is not written in the book,” he said.

“I learned from that and tried in the future to pull some outstanding performance where I just felt confident in the lap so I’m just going to try it.”

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