Hakkinen critical of Hamilton and Verstappen after collision – “You cannot win every race!”

Mika Hakkinen has criticised Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen for crashing at the Italian GP.

Hamilton and Verstappen collided during the race, taking each other out. Both left Italy with zero points, and both were fuming at what had happened.

But, they weren’t the only ones who disapproved of what had happened. Hakkinen was also displeased with the incident, and said that it was an avoidable incident.

The Finnish legend criticised Hamilton and Verstappen, and revealed how best to navigate such a situation on track.

In his column for Unibet, Hakkinen wrote, “In my opinion, it is always best to avoid the other guy and stay focused on winning.

Hamilton and Verstappen
Hakkinen criticised Hamilton (left) and Verstappen (right) for their crash. Source: express.co.uk

“When you have contact, you can never be certain what will happen. Your competitor might have a damaged car, but it can easily be your turn to suffer. There is no certainty about crashing into each other.

“It is so much better to focus on staying flat out, running the best strategy and accepting that you cannot win every race. Sometimes, 2nd or 3rd is an important result, especially when you are trying to win a World Championship.”


The crash ensured that Verstappen retained his slim five-point lead over his title rival. This was because both drivers failed to finish, and subsequently did not bag any points. It was a real shame, given both were in prime position to finish in the top four.

Hamilton’s slow pit-stop saw him emerge behind Lando Norris and just ahead of Verstappen, who went to attack the Mercedes driver straightaway. Verstappen tried to squeeze inside the narrow corner, but he didn’t have the room later. His car hit the sausage kerb, and a second later, his Red Bull was on top of Hamilton’s car.

After the incident, Hamilton revealed that he was in pain, and complained of soreness in his neck. The fallout has been very interesting, with blame games and complaints flying about like no tomorrow.

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