Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton has been accused of playing politics with his retirement threats and trying to get people fired.

The FIA and Race Director Michael Masi made a contentious decision at the title-deciding illegal call that snatched an eighth world title from Hamilton. It ended up crowning a new champion at his expense, and was a farce all around.

Hamilton hasn’t been seen since that controversial race, and rumours continue to fly regarding his retirement from the sport. With his silence looming over the sport, a lot of heads are set to roll before the new season begins.

In that regard, Hamilton has been accused of playing politics with his retirement threats and putting pressure on those who wronged him.

Sportscar driver Jeroen Bleekemolen told NOS, “I expect and hope he continues. It’s more fun when he’s there.  

“Lewis is driven and good enough to last a few more years. He also sees that eighth world title. 

“Hamilton is trying to increase the pressure on the FIA ​​motorsport federation and is powerful. I think he wants to get some people out of there, like race director Michael Masi.”

Lewis Hamilton has been accused of attempting to force Michael Masi out of Formula One
Hamilton (pictured) has been accused of plotting moves against F1. Source: Getty Images

One versus all

“Lewis wants to turn it upside down,” the Dutchman claimed.

“He can do that. He has a lot of influence as the greatest of all. Some people will disappear.

“(Hamilton’s) opinion is noticed and everyone is talking about it – that puts pressure on the FIA. They have to intervene and make changes.

“The FIA ​​has to come up with a good story, otherwise Hamilton’s first words will not be what the F1 leadership would like to hear,” he concluded.

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