Hamilton addresses F1 GOAT debate – “I am not there yet”

Seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton addressed the F1 GOAT debate, remaining humble while making the claim.

Hamilton has won the most championships in F1 history, tied with the great Michael Schumacher. He also has a ton of records to his name, with the most recent one coming at the 2021 Russian GP.

No amount of words would do justice to the accomplishment except perhaps the one David Croft spilled on that day.

“For Lewis Hamilton and his personal milestone – he is going to become the first every driver to reach 100 victories in Formula 1. And Brazil and their amazing world champions have only ever produced a 106 victories between them.

“Hamilton is going to get a hundred. He came into this race as a gladiator. He finds the chequered flag AS A CENTURION! Lewis Hamilton, it’s a hundred race victories. He wins the Russian Grand Prix!”

With such a illustrious career, many have earmarked the Mercedes driver to be the bets the sport has ever seen. However, while Hamilton addressed the GOAT debate, he refused to name himself as the greatest.

When asked by Petronas what made him the greatest driver ever, the 103-time race-winner smiled and said, “Well, I’m not yet, but I’m working on it.” 


Hamilton missed the chance to eclipse Michael Schumacher on world titles won in 2021, when he lost out on Number 8 under highly controversial circumstances. Many felt he had been wronged and robbed, but his former teammate Nico Rosberg was not one of them.

As reported by Planet F1, the 2016 world champion said, “I said it was good what they (the stewards) did in the incident at the beginning of the race, but actually there I think it went Lewis’ way and he should have let him past.

“So it’s really one-one in terms of fundamental decisions during the race, so I think it’s okay.”

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