Hamilton ‘chopping off’ historic trees away in London home that leaves neighbour’s garden full of pigeon droppings

Mercedes F1 driver Lewis Hamilton may not reside in his London home, but he is still proving to be difficult to contend with for his neighbours.

The 37-year-old bought a mansion worth £18million five years ago and is yet to even visit the site since making the purchase.

However, his desired renovations which include cutting down a number of historic trees have got his neighbours worked up.

Hamilton essentially plans to get a rear extension, summer house and larger security walls constructed.

Although he has annoyed his neighbours in the past through his proposals to the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, his proposals always seem to get the council’s approval.

Previously, his garden design team was keen to trim a Horse Chestnut tree by at least two metres and an application was submitted to the council seeking approval.

The tree was under a Tress Preservation Order, but Hamilton still got his wish.

At the time, a neighbour even commended this move as the presence of the large tree was leaving pigeon droppings outside her house.

Now, Hamilton is seeking to get an Amelanchier tree chopped down altogether.

His team is quoted as saying that the tree is 80% dead already and in ‘terminal decline’.

Neighbours fear Hamilton will convert home into party pad

Hamilton’s living room. Credit: dailymail.co.uk

Neighbours are left a bit concerned that all these changes that Hamilton is bringing is essentially to clear out some space and make his house a ‘party pad’.

The fact that Hamilton himself doesn’t visit the location and stays in Monaco during off-season has led some neighbours into criticising how unkempt the entire house is.

Regarding the additional construction, Hamilton’s team is attempting, a neighbour chimed in.

“It certainly does not need another house at the rear of its garden, which, if the owner ever does move in, will no doubt be used as a ‘party house’ away from the main residence, due to the nature of his lifestyle,” he said.

There was yet another neighbour who expressed dissatisfaction.

“Since the property was bought, the beneficial owner(s) concealed by the corporate envelope never used it. The property has remained empty to this day, and it is very likely that the PP is being sought to (again) ‘dress up’ an investment for capital gain.

“It is disheartening to see tree consultants describe the quality of the poplars (and certain other trees) as ‘low quality’. 

“These trees have been there for over 100 years and are part of a magnificent landscaping legacy in this precious conservation area of the RBKC. 

“Their possible demise over time as a result of the construction would seriously impair the value of the neighbouring properties.”

Heritage trees being knocked down?

Hamilton’s living room. Credit: dailymail.co.uk

The heritage of the trees being knocked down was mentioned by another.

“They are magnificent ‘heritage’ trees, which are easily identified from an airplane upon approach to Heathrow Airport.

“The report also describes them both as in ‘Poor’ structural condition. I hope that this is also incorrect. In addition, they are considered ‘post-mature’ in age. 

“The combination of these comments makes me concerned that there is a desire to take them down to create more room for the building works.”

This particular house of Hamilton is located near Pembroke Studios, only a few streets away from ‘Britain’s greatest living artist’ David Hockney.

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