Hamilton made a humble request to Wolff before Mercedes lodged formal complaint against Red Bull

Lewis Hamilton reportedly “asked Toto Wolff to withdraw protests” before they escalated into court.

Controversy reigned supreme as Hamilton was robbed by the FIA of an eighth world title. It was truly heartbreaking to see the dejected Mercedes driver slump from sadness in his car as fireworks went off under the lights of Abu Dhabi.

Mercedes stood with their driver and against the injustice of the whole episode, and filed protests against the FIA for their actions. The German team vowed to pursue the case until they got a resolution, something the seven-time world champion did not agree with.

Hamilton reportedly “asked Wolff to withdraw protests” before things got ugly and political, as reported by Dutch website F1 maximal.

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Hamilton (left) was gracious even in the most harrowing of defeats. Source: Getty Images

What a class act

Hating Hamilton is common among F1 fans, but Sunday and the fallout of the race saw even his most ardent critics stand up and applaud his efforts and the class he showed in defeat.

He congratulated the champion, celebrated on the podium and gave interviews, giving a lesson in dignity and sportsmanship. If he actually asked Mercedes to stop protesting and let it go, we have run out of words to praise the man.

Nevertheless, Mercedes will continue to pursue the legal proceedings. Should they ultimately end up winning the case, the decision will be taken off the track and probably in court. Not a good look for the sport at all, but nobody can blame Mercedes and Hamilton.

Meanwhile, the fire will be burning inside the British Knight. Having come agonisingly close to breaking Michael Schumacher’s record and establishing himself as the ultimate F1 driver, he will not give the fight up.

Next season will see Hamilton return to action. As we have seen many times, a laser-focused and angry Hamilton is quicker than the Flash on steroids.

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